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Laura Gavioli

Laura is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. She has been serving as the Office Administrator for PVAG, as well as the Director of the Huntington Food Pantry since 2019. She wears many hats serving the church and enjoys meeting its ever-changing needs. As Director of the food pantry, she oversees staff and volunteers as they serve the food insecure population of our hill towns. The pantry serves 40+ families each week, and reaches more than a dozen small towns surrounding Huntington. Last year, the food pantry disseminated nearly 80,000 pounds of food to families that need the extra help making ends meet.


Laura’s husband, Mike, introduced her to the church a decade ago, and she has experienced many life-changing events during that time. She was married to Mike and baptized here, and also saw her daughters baptized at PVAG. In her free time, Laura loves gardening, walking and hiking, and being creative in the kitchen. She is a mom to two daughters and a stepson, all in their twenties.

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